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There will not be class today, Jan 31.


I have posted up your homework assignment which is due TUESDAY.

REMEMBER you also have to post to your main blog page every week at least once regardless of other homework assignments.

You should also begin reading Naomi Klein “Fences and Windows” (check the reading schedule for page numbers) for Tuesday’s class.


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We will watch “This is what Democracy Looks Like” in class on Thursday.

Print out and bring the movie sheet to class.


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Review Sheet

Here is the review sheet for the quiz on Tuesday.


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Slides 4 class (1.24.08)

Here are the slide for class tomorrow.


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Slides 4 class (1.22.08)

Here are the slides for class tomorrow.


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  • In wordpress to change the generic title of the blog that you got when you sign up for an account go to “options” on the dashboard and you can change the title to reflect the subject of the blog. That is the title shouldn’t be your name it should be something that reflects the issue you will be blogging about.
  • Remember that in your blogroll you need to have links to blogs and or websites not articles about your subject but actual sites that discuss your issue on a regular basis
  • make sure your NAME is on your blog…you need an “about me” where you say who you are and give your e-mail address.

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What is your blog about?

Before class on Tuesday Jan 22nd you need to provide one sentence about your blog topic and the link to the blog in the comments section below.

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