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Review Sheet

Here is the review sheet for the quiz next Thursday.


Tuesday your homework is due and we will watch Black Gold.


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Final Video Projects by former CES students:

Check these out as you prepare your video storyboard

Bananas: An Ugly Truth

Chocolate and Slavery

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OK…due to the mini-negotiation session in class today, I have made some changes to the schedule. Look under the schedule tab for all the changes. The main ones are:

Homework: Blog Movie Storyboard due TUESDAY APRIL 1 (will count as 2 homework assignments)

Quiz Four: is moved to THURSDAY APRIL 3rd

check the schedule for other changes in the next reading assignments and quiz date.

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Slides 4 class (3.25.08)

Here are the slides for class tomorrow:

here is the file if you’d like to download the notes and bring them to class:ces_440_12_08_blog.pdf

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Slides 4 class (3.20.08)

Here are the slides for class:

here is the file: ces_440_11_08_blog.pdf

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Here is the movie sheet for class. We will be watching In the Light of Reverence.


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You do not have to post to your blog during spring break. If you do you may earn up to 5 points extra credit.

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