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Don’t forget to have your movie uploaded to YOUR BLOG by Thursday at noon. To do this follow these steps:

  1. upload your video onto YouTube (follow their instructions)
  2. once you login to wordpress go to your dashboard and go to “write”
  3. title your post
  4. add your paragraph
  5. click on the icon for “add video”
  6. follow the instructions (either paste in the URL –the easiest way, or follow the directions to embed using the code )
  7. go to “visit site” MAKE SURE your movie plays!

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Click here for a site that gives you the steps to go from PowerPoint to a movie you can upload on YouTube. If you have a Mac you can just go to “file” after finishing your PowerPoint and click on “make movie.” For some reason this is not a feature on PowerPoint for Windows. So you’ll need to go through Windows Movie Maker.

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OK…due to the mini-negotiation session in class today, I have made some changes to the schedule. Look under the schedule tab for all the changes. The main ones are:

Homework: Blog Movie Storyboard due TUESDAY APRIL 1 (will count as 2 homework assignments)

Quiz Four: is moved to THURSDAY APRIL 3rd

check the schedule for other changes in the next reading assignments and quiz date.

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You do not have to post to your blog during spring break. If you do you may earn up to 5 points extra credit.

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There are two events on campus tomorrow that relate to our class topic. You may attend one of these events and write up a ONE PAGE ANALYSIS (not summary) of the event and turn it in THURS (2.14.08) by the end of the day (e-mail it to me or turn it in in class). The extra credit is worth 5 points. You may also blog about the events for your post this week they relate to your specific topic. Here are the details:

  1. Foley Institute event: Public panel discussion, “Pork Barrel and Earmarks,” with Scott Frisch, Sean Kelly (both California State University, Channel Islands), and Carolyn Long (political science, WSU Vancouver), CUE 202, 3:15-4:45 p.m. Earmarks and pork, and “bringing home the bacon,” are government programs and services that directly benefit a politician’s various constituencies. Such political deal making has historically been a non-controversial, accepted political practice. However, the issue of “too many earmarks” as a sign of wasteful government spending has exploded into the public’s consciousness recently as their use expanded from a few hundred each year to more than 23,000 in the last two years, including the infamous Alaskan “Bridge to Nowhere.” This distinguished panel of experts will explore the latest trends and challenges to our democratic system stemming from the growing use of earmarks.
  2. Screening of the HBO documentary on Darfur, “Sand and Sorrow,” narrated by George Clooney, CUE 202, 7:00 p.m. Sponsored by the Institute for the Study of Intercommunal Conflict.

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Each week I’ll post a blog that is relevant to class discussions and also many of your own blog research projects.

This week the featured blog is: “Eyes on Trade: Public Citizen’s blog on Globalization and Trade”

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Things to be thinking of….

  1. Check the reading schedule I have updated it due to the University closure last week
  2. Make sure you are doing your reading questions/response. You must have THREE turned in before spring break (march 11)
  3. Many of you did NOT post a blog entry last week. Remember you MUST post every week REGARDLESS of any other homework assignments you may have. Posts should reflect your on-going research of your topic. They should be engaged, critical and thoughtful.
  4. If I made suggestions about your blog on your first homework assignment you should make the changes suggested.
  5. Questions about requirements? Questions about your blog? Check the syllabus page or ask me.

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