I posted your final grades today.



Don’t forget to have your movie uploaded to YOUR BLOG by Thursday at noon. To do this follow these steps:

  1. upload your video onto YouTube (follow their instructions)
  2. once you login to wordpress go to your dashboard and go to “write”
  3. title your post
  4. add your paragraph
  5. click on the icon for “add video”
  6. follow the instructions (either paste in the URL –the easiest way, or follow the directions to embed using the code )
  7. go to “visit site” MAKE SURE your movie plays!


All of your assignments are now graded and your points are on the course e-learning site. The only thing left to add will be your final blog assignment grade and homework #10. I hope to have this done by May 5th. Don’t forget to have everything done on your blog and your movie + paragraph loaded by Thursday May 1st and noon.

Final Announcements

1. Your last homework assignment is listed under the homework tab.

2. Your last blog post should be your movie. This must be done by May 1st at noon.

3. Any final changes to your blog should also be finished by May 1st at noon.

Here is you last review sheet of the semester!ces-440_quiz5review


These slides are the combined slides from Tues and for Thurs (04.08 and 04.10). All the reminders are on the slides about the last few weeks schedule.

here is a pdf if you want to print the slides out:ces_440_13_08_blog

Click here for a site that gives you the steps to go from PowerPoint to a movie you can upload on YouTube. If you have a Mac you can just go to “file” after finishing your PowerPoint and click on “make movie.” For some reason this is not a feature on PowerPoint for Windows. So you’ll need to go through Windows Movie Maker.